The History of Sciences Po Alumni USA

The History of Sciences Po Alumni USA

The Association was founded in 1957 by Mr. René Henry-Gréard, Professor at the IEP, director and founder in 1951 of the periodical "La Revue Francaise de Science Politique." Mr. Henry-Gréard came to New York at the time with the purpose of establishing this organization. Upon consulting the recent registration records, he invited a group of students who had recently attended Sciences Po in Paris.

Those invited included members of the Sweet Briar Junior Year in France group, a program which selected students from various Ivy League Schools to go study in France for one year. Mr. Henry-Gréard also contacted French students who had studied at Sciences Po in Paris and who were now living and working in New York City. The meeting took place at the French Consulate in New York City.

From inception, the spirit of this Association was to rely on a strong and vibrant community:

  • To foster knowledge and interest in the United States about Sciences Po. as a world-class educational institution;
  • To help and orient American students to go study at Sciences Po.;
  • To continue to keep under study and reflection the political issues between France and the US; and
  • To nourish Franco-American friendship in order to maintain harmonious bilateral relationships between France and the US.

To achieve those goals, the leaders of the Association organized a great variety of activities to cement the community and its ties with our host country -- dinner debates, roundtables, and a prestigious gala once a year. These events were regularly, and are still, under the dedicated sponsorship of the French Ambassador to the United States or others prominent diplomatic personality.

The Association has been headed by a series of dedicated alumni, some of which were American, like Michael Flock, an American from Sweet Briar, or more recently Mary Kay Rafferty. Our past presidents include dedicated alumni who were, on the side, active in diplomacy, education, business (including banking, law, the luxury industry).

As the Association nears its 50th anniversary, it continues to bring forward ideas and activities nurturing those values, while reviving former programs (such as the Scholarship Program) and undertaking new projects (such as the Internship Program).

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